Time to                     
the woman you came here to be.

ready to turn yourself on?

Time to              the woman you came here to be. 


There is something special about a woman who knows her worth and allows herself to shine in the fullness of her power. Take a step towards your dreams and desires - whether it's working together 1:1 or self-study courses, inside my offerings, there is something for every woman.

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1:1 Mentorship

The most intimate way to dive deep into your transformation.

Pleasure Priestess

Are group programs your thing? Start here babe.

School for Embodied women

Self-Study courses to enhance your Feminine Embodiment. 

Intimate 1:1 Coaching

If you're looking to radically transform your life: this is where to begin. Inside this 6 month journey, I'll help you access your desires, embody your authentic Self, and feel liberated and inspired to take action on your dreams. This program is by application only - click below to apply.

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Eager to learn? My online courses are for you.

If you're craving more in the world of pleasure, self-intimacy, and feminine embodiment: this is the place to begin. With mini-courses like Embodying Eros and Initiate, this is the best way to get a taste of what I teach and learn at your own pace. 

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Victoria found freedom

"Working with Chelsea helped me to see how powerful I truly am... 

how powerful we ALL are! She guided me to see the parts of myself that I didn’t even know were there and then gave me the tools to embody them, enabling me to move forward as my most confident, authentic self."

pamela found healing through her body

"Best self investment I have made in my life." 

“I have had a pain in my lower left abdomen for years .. constant. Some times excruciating stabbing pains that would bring me to my knees. When I worked with Chelsea, we did this exercise (an embodiment practice) and immediately the pain was gone. It’s been almost a year since working together and I have not had ANY pain in this area! So grateful.”

This could be you....

Kimberly curated self-trust

"I knew my way of living was not working for me, so I took the plunge."

"After many months with Chelsea, I have developed a spiritual practice (something I NEVER thought would happen). My friends have described me as seeming more calm, confident and "lighter". I now take risks because I trust myself and the Universe. I am far more self-aware. My negative self-talk has drastically reduced and I can catch myself when it does pop up. Best of all, I have developed a community of like-minded women. Trust me when I say, you WILL benefit from working with Chelsea.”

ok babe

The moment you say yes to yourself, the entire Universe conspires to assist you in your transformation. So, are you ready for it? 

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