What I Do

I believe that transformation is multidimensional. My approach takes into consideration all aspects of being a woman: emotionality, embodiment, and energetics. My offerings range from virtual life coaching, self-study courses, and group programs all with the same mission - to help you emerge as a powerful, Embodied Woman.


You're more powerful than you think you are.  Every answer you seek already lives within you.

We spend so much of our lives learning about subjects outside of us that we begin to believe that someone, somewhere out there, must know us better than we know ourselves. My love-- you don't need anymore mindset work. Put a pause on all the books you're reading, and give yourself time to understand who you really are. Lets deep dive into the emotional healing, embodiment practices, and spiritual experiences that will reveal the greatness that lives within.


Emotional intelligence

Understanding your emotions builds better relationships, relieves unwanted stress and anxiety, and cultivates a deep connection to self.

energy healing

Clear your field of any lingering energy from events passed and get energy moving throughout your physical and subtle bodies for optimal living.


Attune the nervous system through somatic practices to allow you to find safety and ease within the vessel of your own body. 

Life Coaching

Blending the concepts of Emotional Intelligence, NLP, and basic Psychology - this work will reawaken your Authentic Self

Oftentimes, what remains unseen is just under your nose. Working with me as your coach is like having a mirror. One that shows you all the things hidden from plain sight.  Through years of professional study, working with dozens of women, and continuous self-education, I blend together the tools that actually work. No fluff. No fancy gimmicks- just real. life. stuff. 



Confidence and trust in your intuition...

Complete transformation...

Continued growth and expansion...

Finally feel fully embodied as your true Self...

Energy Healing

As a Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 practitioner, I help you access your power.

Energy is the invisible thread that connects us all. It's imperative that we learn how to connect with our own energy if we want to access the fullness of our power. I use my energetic gifts to channel guidance for your soul and provide you with a space to activate your own gifts. Energy is not seen, but felt. Through my courses and coaching, I show you how to get back in touch with this inherit, intuitive nature within you. 

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"I have been in Chelsea's 1:1 mentorship for two months and my life has drastically improved.  "


Self love - supercharged

I am loving myself more and having her zoom call throughout the week to discuss what is coming up for me is a game changer to talk things out. My boyfriend has seen an improvement and is so happy I signed up for the course. I would recommend this program and mentorship to everyone! So thankful that I invested in myself!

Thai Ha

Connected to her pleasure, power, and passion.

"Working with Chelsea has opened me up to what I knew was possible but I didn't know how to get there on my own. She was such an amazing mirror and reflector of my Highest Self throughout our time together and definitely gave me the tough love when I needed it. I am so grateful for her and the levels of pleasure I have been able to open to with her help. "


calm, confident, and lighter than ever

"Chelsea helps guide you back to your authentic Self. "

"You will learn what triggers you and how to use your triggers as an educational tool. You will develop tools to connect your mind-body, and to regulate your nervous system in times of distress. Trust me when I say, you WILL benefit from working with Chelsea. "

"I have experienced massive growth in our few weeks together. "


leaped into her next level

"This program and Chelsea's presence was what I needed to support my move into the next level of my life. She is breaking the mold while simultaneously helping her clients form a new one! If Chelsea's offerings call to you in any way, trust your curiosity and give yourself the gift of life!"


The glue that brings it all together- embodiment is the key to reclaim your power and fully experience life.

The nervous system is our roadmap to unhealed parts of our Self. When you conceptually "know" something but still can't "feel" it - it's likely that your body is holding on to past events, old belief systems, and old patterning. Yoga, breathwork, and somatic exercises can help to heal these patterns and re-wire the body's sense of safety.



It's never too late



your heart

or reignite your